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Lighting and Visuals

Professional Event Lighting and Visual Options

The Chronic Effect specializes in A/V services for all ranges of events. Our lighting technicians will make it their priority to ensure your event looks exactly the way you want, employing industry standard and advanced visual technology. We work closely with our clients and assist in the creative process to ensure that their event takes full advantage of what our services and equipment have to offer. Please contact us today for a free event quote or consultation.

Elegant Up-lighting

Up-lighting is a must-have for any wedding or corporate event. LED fixtures placed above or below a wall, tree, or backdrop to provide an elegant wash of color. Our uplighting is fully customizable with color scenes and brightness levels for ambient lighting or accent. Please contact our lighting tech for more information or options.

Club Lighting

The Chronic Effect provides club/dance lighting to create some of the most colorful and customizable event setups. Club lighting is the perfect choice for events that incorporate music and dancing. We can provide everything from lasers and strobe lights to moving heads and wash lights. Paired with our club grade fog machines, you can create eye catching aerial scenes that will encourage all of your guests to dance. All of our lighting can be programmed and customized specifically to match your lighting needs. Contact our lighting tech today to see what lighting would be best for you.

Stage Lighting

The Chronic Effect provides stage lighting services for everything from stage trussing to programmable spot lights. We work with our clients ahead of time to ensure that all their lighting needs are met and that their events looks exactly as they had imagined it. Contact our lighting tech today for more information on stage lighting and lighting services.

Retro/Disco Lighting

Disco lighting is the perfect choice for any client who wants fun dance lighting that is retro in style and uses more mellow fixtures than club lighting. We provide everything from discoballs to moon lighting and scanners. Contact us today for more information on lighting services or a quote for your event.

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